Project start for winter semester 2021/2022

After the IP Plane project had to take a break for the last three semesters, we can finally continue building our Pitts Model 12 in the usual constellation.

Our team, consisting of the project management office, the marketing team and our three construction teams, spent the last weeks preparing their upcoming tasks. Our main objectives in this semester are to mount the engine, assemble the wings and continue the fuselage construction. In our first milestone presentation at the beginning of November, the project planning was communicated to our project sponsor and we could successfully proceed to start the execution phase.

In the first step, the teams took inventory of their parts and tools and prepared their workplaces in the hangar so that the construction can begin soon. Also, our marketing team took part in this semester’s “Industriepartnertag” at Reutlingen University where we had the opportunity to introduce the current status of this extraordinary project to our fellow students on campus.

We are looking forward to sharing our progress in the upcoming weeks!