Van’s Aircraft RV-12 „Ingenious Performance“


The Van’s Aircraft RV-12 is the first plane build by International Project Engineering students. The IP Plane project is the first module of a study programme in Germany during which an aircraft is built.
Resulting in a two-seater sports aeroplane, capable of a cruising speed of 114 knots or 210 km/h.
The whole building process took 14 semesters and 160 students were able to participate. A total of 36.000 parts were used to construct this aeroplane.


The tail section during construction.


The RV-12 aeroplane is a design by Van’s Aircraft and has been delivered to the Reutlingen University as a kit. Designed for easy construction as well as a very good flight performance the RV-12 was the perfect first aircraft for this project. The metal design of the RV-12 made it more easy to construct compared to the metal and wood design of the succeeding Pitts Model 12.


Finished rib and spar assembly.


The Van’s Aircraft RV-12 is powered by a 100 hp Rotax 912 iS engine which gives the aircraft a top speed of 125 knots / 231 km/h and a service ceiling of 17.300 ft / 5273 m. The 20 gallons gas tank gives us a total range of 614 miles / 988 km and we can even carry 75 lbs / 34 kg of luggage to our destination of choice.


Ingenious Performance in our aeroplane trailer.


If it is not good flying weather we can even transport our RV-12 by car. This is done by detaching the wings and then carefully loading the aeroplane in our trailer. This gives us also the opportunity to service Ingenious Performance at our university hangar in Reutlingen.


The finished RV-12 in our aircraft hangar.


The construction of our plane Ingenious Performance was finished with the launch on the 6th October 2018.


Aeroplane launch on the 8th october 2018.