Avionics concept finished

As a result of the integrative project seminar a team of four students consisting of Stephan Hecht, Daniel Cikalev, Jannis Härter, and Melisa Bogukanin was developing a concept for the complete avionics equipment for our IP Plane during the last semester. The avionics includes all electronic devices of an aircraft like monitoring, navigation, and communication systems. The first step in this project was to decide on one Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), which is a display that shows flight data electronically. Once this decision was made together with the supervisors of the project, the concept was developed based on this EFIS-Display. During the project, the team was able to develop a concept of the flight monitoring and communication system and of the engine monitoring system. The results were CAD drawings of the Cockpit, wiring diagrams, layout and installation drawings of each component and a bill of material. The team acquired a lot of knowledge on the avionics of the Pitts Model 12 and especially its motor. This knowledge and all the drawings and diagrams were put together into a avionics assembly manual to be handed over to the next team.
Through the study program, the IP students are learning the skill to successfully manage projects, that are not necessarily in their subject area.