Helling (workbench) for wing assembly

The project “Helling for the IP Plane wing assembly” is a sub-project of the IP Plane project. The goal was to work out a precise and cost-effective workbench for the wing assembly of a Pitts Model 12 in the Kimball version. The development and construction of the Helling was an extraordinary project because it had to be worked with particular precision. Even the smallest deviations have massive effects on the flight characteristics of the aircraft, which had to be taken into account when developing the concept. The team has developed a solution using aluminum profiles that adjustable and calibratable for specific needs. For this purpose, a 3D model was first made in CAD in order to be able to place the wings virtually on the workbench prototype. After minor adjustments and consultations with the supplier, construction could be started.
The workbench is now available for wing assembly of the Pitts Model 12 in the Kimball version.