Load Evidence Pitts Model 12

In the Integrative Project study module, it is important to provide evidence of the load on the wings of the Pitts Model 12 for the IP Plane using a CAD and FEM load calculation. This challenge was accepted by our students Maximilian Roth, Tobias Gehring and Niklas Illison in the winter semester 2020/2021.
In order to be able to make a statement about the elasticity of the used wood-Douglas fir wing components, the modulus of elasticity of all spars was determined in a 4 point bending test. The maximum stresses occurring in the aircraft can be simulated using finite element analysis (FEA) based on the values ​​determined in the bending test.
For this purpose, the wings of the Pitts Model 12 were modeled in CAD according to the specifications of the technical drawings. The upper and lower wing with their respective ribs and spars, as well as the connection of the wings by the struts were simulated by loads.
For the load modeling, the CAD model was converted to ANSYS and simulated using a load characteristic curve according to the real maximum possible flight maneuvers.
As an elaboration, the Luftfahrbundesamt (Federal Aviation Office) is shown in a specially prepared documentation how the characteristic values ​​of the loads were determined and the maximum load with which the IP Plane, the Pitts Model 12, may be loaded. This project shows that the IPE course offers highly interesting and practice-relevant projects even in Corona times and that our students can prove their knowledge in real projects.