Project Start for the Winter Semester 2022/2023

The new semester has been working for about a month now. In the beginning, in the handover, we had the opportunity to get a first impression of the upcoming work. Over two days, the old project team introduced us to their working lives and gave us helpful tips. After two weeks of the planning phase, the M1 presentation initiated the execution phase. Besides a status report, each team presented its goals and expectations. Already two weeks into the construction phase, every team was able to get involved.

The current project team consists of 22 students spread over six departments: The Project Office which is responsible for the project planning and the administrational tasks, the Marketing Team which promotes the project, and four construction teams (Fuselage Team, Wing Team, Engine Team, and Avionic Team) which are working on their specific area on the plane.

The Fuselage Team is reworking the plates and rivet nuts, to allow an installation of the panels without bending. At the end of the building phase, it shall be possible to open and close the canopy without stripping and damaging the metal panels and pipes​. The main task of the Wing Team is the installation of the drag wires. This includes gluing, drilling, installation of wires, and adjustment. In the Engine Team, the focus lies on installing the oil, fuel, and air Kimball system. New this semester is the CAD position in the team, which creates a CAD model and a FEM simulation that confirms the safety requirements for mounting the engine onto the plane. Also new this semester is the Avionic Team. Since we are in the first semester with this topic, the team must first familiarize themselves with the content that deals with electrical systems like navigation and communication. In addition, the focus is on creating a concept and ordering the necessary parts.

Project handover

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