SS24 is drawing towards its end

We have successfully completed the execution phase and are currently in the close out phase, where we are preparing the documentation and handover. 

This semester, the avionics team set about installing the existing devices and control panels in the plane. This task was successfully implemented by preparing and cutting out the two instrument panels for the pilot and co-pilot so that the instruments could be inserted there. In addition, two mounting plates were designed and built to hold the battery, radio and transponder, among other things, which have now found their place behind the pilot’s seat and can be accessed through a flap in the seat for maintenance purposes.

The engines team task was to create a step-by-step instruction how to mount the engine on the plane. Therefore, the team had to study the M-14PF engine manual in order to create a quality assembly instruction for the M14PF engine. This included the 3 different systems that the engine has: oil, air and fuel. In addition, the team had to replace conserving candles which are heated in the oven to reuse them in the engine.

The wing team’s task was to install the corner blocks that hold the drag wires to ensure the statics of the lower wings. The corner blocks were adjusted and glued in place with the help of Aerodux. After that the drag wires were installed and tensioned in the right wing, which completed the structural work on the right wing.

The project management was responsible for the planning, coordination and monitoring of all project activities and supported the teams with any questions and challenges. 

The marketing team represented the Plane to the outside. Furthermore took care of the social media channels, team events and executed the open door day.

All in all, it was a very successful semester and we would like to thank all the students, professors and sponsors involved for their commitment and support.